Jackson Kayak Journey


Designed for the touring paddler who seeks a boat to champion themselves into the next level of their adventures. The Journey offers speed, stability and safety for paddlers looking to push their adventures to great heights. This kayak utilizes best in class design techniques for edge control, comes Smart Rudder ready, and is equipped with top of the line, whitewater inspired outfitting for comfort and customized fit. Whether paddling for an afternoon or several days- the Journey will take you on an adventure. Available in two sizes- 13.5 and 14.



Journey 13,5

Length: 4.12 m

Width: 61 cm

Height: 38 cm

Weight: 25 kg

Total Capacity: 125 kg

Journey 14

Length: 4.27 m

Width: 63.5 cm

Height: 41 cm

Weight: 27.7 kg

Total Capacity: 140 kg