Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo


The Dynamic Duo turns kayaking into a Team sport! Have you ever wanted to take a less experienced friend on the river with you? The Duo gives you the opportunity to share the fun and exhilaration of whitewater kayaking with friends and family members before they can roll or read water. The Duo is also great for two good boaters looking share a day making a run more exciting. Based off the Hero series but with 12 feet of stable hull and high sidewalls, staying right side up is a breeze! The Duo gives you a whole new perspective on kayaking and is equipped with our top of the line outfitting so you and your paddling partner can comfortably and safely have fun all day long




JK Dynamic Duo

Length: 3.66 m

Width: 68 cm

Height: 33 cm

Weight: 36 kg

Total Capacity: 190 kg

Volume: 537 L



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